Monday, January 25, 2010

Breakin' Free!

Well! Here I am blogging! Who would have ever thought? I tried desperately to move myself in the direction of my studio day after day these last two weeks, to work on a commission, but the darn computer and a great friend kept hearkening me to get it started. So here it be.

As an artist living in the great rural Southwest with my guitar playing husband, the desert can be as desolate as an island in many respects. But the beauty and solitude can also be the quiet we both need in order to create.
Sometimes, as artists, we'll get side-tracked, unfocused with too many things to want to delve our fingers into, or just plain want to "Break Free" and play! Learning something new, no matter how frustrating at times, is a good thing. It keeps the mind active and supple- unlike my backside at this point!


  1. Hi Kate...

    SooOooo happy you are starting your blog and sharing your gift for gab with the rest of Bloglandia... I can't wait for others to see your wonderful Art and read your pearls of wisdom...

    Big Hugs and Welcome my Friend to 'Bloglandia' the place where anything is possible!


  2. And BIG BIG Hugs to you, and thanks for the vote of confidence and help! Since the internet was down all morning, I worked on a digital- face - that I will post later. Nothin' special, but it was fun to play.

  3. Oh Kate you should post it...I just went and checked it out...brillant!!


  4. That makes two of us...welcome to Blogandia, Kate! The BLOG looks great stunning colors and stunning word smithing...proud of you I will add you to my list!

  5. Thanks so much, Pam for your kind words, and for following! Jodi was a tremendous help! I'd have not done it without her help. {+:


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