Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here is a video from Vimeo that was so much fun to view! Very creative! Can you name the master artists or their works that this group creates?


  1. I absolutely love that Kate.... tooooo fun!!! I think my fav was the 'dead' guy on the table with all the doctors studying him (very flemish looking) and he plays the keyboard the doc hold up...loved it! Song was good too


  2. Glad you both liked it. I loved the Magritte with the guy in the Bolla hat with the green apple painted on his face and the Scream! Totally fun and good for a giggle! (+:

  3. Great video...too funny. Well I think I got Da Vinci, Vermeer, The scream, Vangogh, Magritte, Warhol, and Caravagio. I think there was also an attempt at Klimt.

  4. Yes! That was Klimt! And Rembrandt and Michaelangelo. I think a Degas too. Freida was funny with the mustache and eyebrows and Magritte! Dali and Mattise were in there too. I just love pieces like this that are so creatively done! Glad you all enjoyed too!


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