Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing With Small Pieces

Working on smaller pieces just to play with the boxes of stashed materials accumulating in my studio, is one way of clearing the brain for bigger and better things to come. Putting to use paints not used for awhile, saved textured items, old pieces of mat board and an old, used canvas, I create my own play date with myself. It's freeing to know that it matters not what we create. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece... Just play!
We tend to forget what we have as artists, until we go pokin' around... especially a collage artist. We tend to save everything like pack rats. Then we think... Hmmm... A little of this, a little bit of that... This will work here... Ew! This color... nope, that will never do... Let's see, this will be good for that other piece I was thinking about doing... etc. The mind continues to roll, relax and wander at play.
When an artist is "into" one style, or must create in a certain genre because one is known for that style, it is a must to get away from it for a while and play. It keeps one fresh. Many times I will just spend the day drawing, writing, making earrings, creating smaller 'quick sell' mixed media pieces or boxes. Pretty much anything with paper and anything else laying around. The important thing is to keep doing. This piece is 8 x 10 mixed media and attached to an older previously used canvas.


  1. What wonderful mind exercises!! And the finished puzzles are awesome! Hugs, Lynda

  2. Great advice Kate. It's good to "switch gears" because you never know where our inspiration will come from. You are so talented at many things too.I saved a torn ripped up Victorian crazy quilt I bought in HS for 30 years before using it in a project! Isn't it funny how something like a torn piece of paper can take our minds on a journey. What you are showing us here is beautiful.

  3. Oh I love this piece. And you are so right about switching it up! I think this little piece reminds me of something very native, native american that is.

  4. I've been doing a lot of small figures...the co-op I belong to is having a small wonders show and I'm really enjoying the smaller figures...and I'm using up loads of bits and pieces of this and that. And you're right, I have no idea what all I have in my studio...when I do decide to 'organize' I find all kinds of wonderful things I've forgotten..and then I'm off and running with a new vision and it's an end to organizing...ah well, someday I'll be one of those organized artists I so admire. hug, hug.

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  6. Thanks to all of you above. Lynda, it is a mind puzzle, especially if you are more realist than abstract in your art, but it is great to learn to be more abstract for me.
    Cathy, tearing it up after 30 years?! Wow! I spent the afternoon going through a box of my late mom's sewing materials. I hated to part with some fabrics, but I think I'll now put them through some of my art. Thanks for the courage!
    Kathy, Native American, it could be with the earthy colors. The blue piece appears to be flying upward like a bird, but I didn't see that until I turned the piece upside down!
    Boo Hoo, I think I shall never be organized, Julie. So, I think I'll have a Play Day with friends, grab all the stashes, throw them in a pile, and let everyone have at what I have accumulated. Maybe they'll take some home (hee hee) to add to their disorganized work areas. Sounds like a plan! Have a great day, girls! (+:


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