Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trying My Hand

Well, today I thought I'd try my hand at posting a slide show from Don't know whether I'm happy with it or not, but I have been making these Collector Boxes for a couple of years now and thought I'd show some here. I had many more, but most sold quickly at a street fair last year. I've put the boxes on hold for a bit while I've worked on paper collage earrings. In this economy, I think it's important to have many smaller items to sell to get one through when larger pieces with larger prices aren't selling. Enjoy.


  1. Hey Kate...

    Did you post this somewhere where we can see??? Why are you not happy with it? You are a lot more brave than I, I always think about putting together one of those slideshows...but always freeze up!! Love your boxes....they should be viewed by all...


  2. WOW! I think its Great, Kate! How did you do it? Something to teach Jodi and I! Had my volume up to high and the music sort of almost knocked me out of my chair, but I like it!

  3. Thanks to both of you! (+:
    Okay, Jodi and Pam, it's very easy- finally, something easy!! I wasn't able to place it on my website- a Mac thing, yet again, but works with 'Blogger'. So have your pics ready that you want to download from desktop or files. Go to, sign in and click "create" a slide show. They have a place where you can upload your pics, but they only have their music selections, so that's a bummer. Once you have enough pics to meet the end of the music, your done. And you don't have to upload music. There are also fade in's, backgrounds, etc. to choose from. When you feel you have it the way you want it, go to "share" or "options" and then look through the list on the left. You'll see 'Blogger'. Copy and paste the html and place it in the Text Box part of the blog. Don't forget your title. That's it! Don't know why the slideshow starts without clicking first because the music could knock you off your chair, Pam.
    Jodi, I'd love to put the one I put together of your digital art and mine. That was a really cool one if you remember. All women. What do you think? Are you loving the rain, girls? Wish we could store it for July!


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