Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing With Small Pieces

Working on smaller pieces just to play with the boxes of stashed materials accumulating in my studio, is one way of clearing the brain for bigger and better things to come. Putting to use paints not used for awhile, saved textured items, old pieces of mat board and an old, used canvas, I create my own play date with myself. It's freeing to know that it matters not what we create. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece... Just play!
We tend to forget what we have as artists, until we go pokin' around... especially a collage artist. We tend to save everything like pack rats. Then we think... Hmmm... A little of this, a little bit of that... This will work here... Ew! This color... nope, that will never do... Let's see, this will be good for that other piece I was thinking about doing... etc. The mind continues to roll, relax and wander at play.
When an artist is "into" one style, or must create in a certain genre because one is known for that style, it is a must to get away from it for a while and play. It keeps one fresh. Many times I will just spend the day drawing, writing, making earrings, creating smaller 'quick sell' mixed media pieces or boxes. Pretty much anything with paper and anything else laying around. The important thing is to keep doing. This piece is 8 x 10 mixed media and attached to an older previously used canvas.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here is a video from Vimeo that was so much fun to view! Very creative! Can you name the master artists or their works that this group creates?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trying My Hand

Well, today I thought I'd try my hand at posting a slide show from Don't know whether I'm happy with it or not, but I have been making these Collector Boxes for a couple of years now and thought I'd show some here. I had many more, but most sold quickly at a street fair last year. I've put the boxes on hold for a bit while I've worked on paper collage earrings. In this economy, I think it's important to have many smaller items to sell to get one through when larger pieces with larger prices aren't selling. Enjoy.

ACEO Collector Boxes