Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On the Video Self- Portrait, Creating a "You" Portrait

This video below on creating a self-portrait was inspiring in that I thought it might be fun for us to create our own in any medium or style. I would then post them here for us to see. Do they have to be as realistic as the in the video? NO. Create a self-portrait in any way, shape or form...pencil, pastel, paint, tiles, sculpy, watercolor, abstract, stick people, collage, whatever rocks your boat, etc. Just express the inner you in a simple way or any way. No rules, just fun.
Using a quick sketch of myself, I created a stencil of the face because I wanted to learn how to make stencils in Photoshop with my own artwork. I increased the size of my stencil to as large as I could print (17 x 11 inches), then cut it in half in Photoshop and enlarged both sides again and printed. I dragged out a larger canvas and painted it with black gesso. Painted with acrylic, metalic pens, adding a bit of red ribbon, 'Ode to Woodstock' for the 40 year anniversary was born, and it was just for fun and practice at trying something new, learning a technique.

It's difficult to see the circular writing on each edge, so I'll try and blow them up here. It's not too great, but I think you get the gist of it. Be creative and send a JPG. I'll post them on a separate page as they come in. It's a great way to get to know each other, a great way to use a different technique, and a great play experience. Your self-portrait doesn't have to be a masterpiece - mine surely is not!
Please watch the video below.

A Self-Portrait Video and Idea for Us