Thursday, August 12, 2010

Focus, Journaling. Positive Thinking = Success

Creating a daily journal is a great way to get ourselves 'focused' as artists, writers or musicians. It can create a positive starting point. Many of us, as creative thinkers, have so many pieces of pertinent information, new ideas, titles, poetic themes, creative lines, or perhaps, aggravations, depressions, to high anxiety. And although we believe we can 'get' focused, there are always thirty things grinding on our minds or floating through them. We must quell those 'grinders' some way. We must catch those 'floaters', or another artist will, when it floats to one open to catch it.

One way to calm the thought storms or just start the process is much like meditation; taking 15 to 20 minutes just to sit quietly and write something, anything. It's a free write in all senses of the word, free. Your thoughts are free, it costs you nothing but gives back so much the day you start and in the months to come. If you stick with it and make it a habit, it will become a sacred time, and you'll look forward to it. Psychologists use this method often to have patients put their innermost thoughts, usually what's bothering them, onto paper. It gets it off their chests and onto an inanimate object- the paper. They can see the problem now. They can read it back to themselves and see what they can change and what they can't; how they can better cope with life and the people around them, their guilt and sadness. They can cry on it, they can crumple it, or they can tear it to shreds, but it's off their chests and starts a healing. It's a freeing experience for what has ailed them.

When the artist takes pen to paper, the same kinds of things can happen. Small thumbnail sketches may appear with notes or how we feel about a direction we are striving to accomplish or one we just can't seem to get a grip on. Maybe we decide in our writing new choices of materials or mediums we could use. A line, a quote of our own, or written thoughts may appear from "out there" which an entire poem or song can be achieved. An unfocused mind may find a clarity in realizing the need to complete one project at a time instead of six that are half finished, setting weekly goals for that project, getting organized, while also jotting down ideas for other projects to get to in the weeks or months to come.

In writing, we can organize our priorities, question ourselves and answer our deepest questions if we take the time and effort to sit quietly and do it with no interruptions. It is a meditation for our own survival especially in times of stress or sadness, fear of failure or ambivalence or in our great successes. I believe in Positive Thinking and Positive Imaging. If you believe, you will achieve. If you see it in your mind's eye, and believe it's your destiny, then anything is possible to a willing heart and mind. "You CAN do anything you really want to do, if you want to do it." You can create your world. Please watch this video and be inspired. I was. Artist- Dennis Francesconi from his website.