Friday, February 3, 2012

My New Website and a Small Toot!

Finally, back to my blog! I get so unfocused at times, and more times than not! There are so many things to do! First, some good news - I have created a NEW WEBSITE! It was time to update and also get away from iMac which was disappointing for the cost. If you haven't been to my new site, I am asking you to please look through it and give me an honest critique. You will not hurt my feelings. I am way beyond that! MORE NEWS! The two collages in my previous blog from April, Canyon Verde and Parts to the Whole were both juried in to two separate shows! You would think I'd "toot my own horn" now and then, but as an artist, I find it hard. My art friends tell me I'm crazy not to, but I do find it difficult. It's a humility problem, I suppose. Canyon Verde was juried in to an exhibit called Romancing the State, a Phoenix Museum exhibit at the Sky Harbor International Airport Gallery in Terminal 3. Being one of over 572 artworks submitted, and 194 artists, I was one of 60 artists chosen. Guess I should toot my horn, ring a bell or maybe just let everyone know! This is the second time my collage work has been chosen for an exhibit there. My small expressionist paper collage, Parts to the Whole, was submitted to the National Collage Society's Annual Juried Exhibit 2011 and was juried in there as well. There were so many talented collage artists there! I am honored to be among them. ( Mine is in the first column, 3rd down). Having a name that starts with a 'U' always puts one on the last page, but I'm okay with it. As I said, I'm honored! In the last several months, I have been painting, drawing, as well creating more small Non- representational/expressionist collage pieces. The small ones are fun and much faster to complete than my large 30 x 40 inch collages. Although, it's the matting and framing part that drives me to drink! Love creating the art, but hate the framing and photographing. That's why the painting gives me a break. I did a series of three desert plants that I will have printed on canvas to sell.
I have made a decision to have quality prints made for many of my collages to sell. So please, check out my new website and share it with others. In the past months, I have found a great light source for photographing my collages and getting little reflection especially with the gloss coating. LED lights from above in my recessed lighting sockets. It's a natural light and I've photographed my artwork in a completely darkened room. Seems to work if my eyes would focus with my camera! I promise to be back blogging at least once or twice month. This is my goal and I will try to stick to it! Later Alligators! Keep creating what you do best! (+:


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